10 Gifts for Senior Travelers

Know someone who is retiring, and is going to start traveling? Here is a list of 10 Gifts for Senior Travelers. There is something for every budget and type of traveler.

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1. Travel Accessory Bottles

Friends don’t let friends buy overpriced “travel size” toiletries. Instead, good friends will gift these boxes of travel accessory bottles, which will allow them to take their favorite lotions, gels & liquids with them on their next trip. The containers are not only leak proof, but they also come with blank labels and an indicator cap to help identify the contents of the bottle. Click here to buy.

2. Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves

One of the best souvenirs you can bring back from a trip, without a doubt, is wine. These Portable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeves will help keep wine safe with a three point protection system. The sleeves have bubble wrap lining, and Ziploc and Velcro closures to prevent breakage and leaks. Hey, who knows if after giving this as a gift you get a bottle of wine back. That’s what I call a high return on investment. Click here to buy.

3. Phone Charging Passport Holder with Power Bank

Electric outlets are some of the most sought after commodities in Airports. To prevent a fight within those “youngsters” and your parent or friend, give them this Phone Charging Passport Holder with Power Bank as your next gift. This passport, credit card (with RFID blocking), and money holder include a Power Bank that is compatible with the latest Apple iPhone’s and Samsung Galaxy devices. Click here to buy.

4. Travel Shoe Bags

After a day of golfing or hiking, the last thing we want to do it’s put the dirty shoes in our luggage. These Travel Shoe Bags are waterproof and come in two sizes (for shoes under and over size 10). They also work pretty well as a bag for your damp clothes. Click here to buy.

5. Foot Rest Hammock

Who doesn’t love a Hammock? Exactly. Now, don’t wait and get someone you are fond of this portable (only 3 ounces!) Foot Rest Hammock. It helps reduce feet fatigue, and also lower the pressure on your back and legs. The only downside is that it appears it can only be used when the seat tray is lowered. Click here to buy.

6. Space Saver Compression Bags

Sometimes we try to pack as light as we can. In other occasions, like a long trip or a cruise, there are not too many choices. This is when compression bags come to help the traveler, and also you. A 10 pack for less than $20.00 it’s too good of a deal to miss out. These bags help you save up to 300% of space in your luggage, and there’s no need for a vacuum or pump! Click here to buy.

7. Lightweight Luggage

Luggage’s one of those items that are not given the importance that it deserves. It can make your trip easier, or even more challenging. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give a traveler, it’s luggage that it’s easy to handle and long lasting. This model is a Samsonite Aspire Xlite, which is lightweight, expandable and also a spinner. It also has a nice amount of zipper pockets for convenience. Click here to buy.

8. Microplush Blanket

Depending on what airline you are flying they might still provide blankets…or not. This is why this Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket it’s the perfect gift for those people you know who are always cold. It’s a 100% Polyester, and it has compression straps that can go around almost any luggage handle. Click here to buy.

9. Cruise Tag Caddies

If you know a frequent cruise traveler (or maybe a new one), this is the perfect gift. Cruise Tag Caddies are attached to the luggage to keep those paper tags from ripping off, and luggage from getting lost. These caddies are compatible with the majority of the cruise lines and are meant to avoid many headaches. Click here to buy.

10. Globe Bar

This globe bar it’s the perfect gift for when you want to impress an in-law, partner, or yourself (because why not?). It has space for bottles and wine glasses under and inside the globe. Not only pretty but functional. Click here to buy.

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10 Gifts for Senior Travelers. There is something for every budget and type of traveler.