10 Tips That Will Help You Save Money To Travel

How many times we have heard someone saying “I wish I would win the lotto so I can travel.” Maybe that someone is us? The good news is, you don’t have to win the lotto to go where you have always dreamed of. A few compromises here and there, coupled with patience, will probably be enough to help you save money to travel and go to your dream destination. Here at Golden Age Trips, we compiled a list to help you stop dreaming and start traveling!

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 Stop (or at least reduce) eating outside.
Eating outside

We are guilty of this one, and we bet you too probably are. According to The Simple Dollar, the average American family spends $225 a month eating outside. Imagine if you were able to reduce how much you eat takeout or in a restaurant at least in half. That would be $1,350 you just saved in a year that you could use towards traveling.

To try and compensate for the bad habits I have started using the Ibotta App. How it works is, you log in your purchases, access shopping apps through it, and get cashback that gets deposited into your PayPal account. In less than two months I have made more than $50.00 USD.

It works better if you pre-plan your meals for the week, groceries, and shopping. That way you can take advantage of the available offers and maximize your cash back. Download it here and get a starting bonus! 

If you get a raise, pretend you did not.

If you get a raise or a promotion, do not start thinking about everything you can do with that extra money. Calculate how much per paycheck the increase will be, and keep or move that amount to your savings account as soon as you get paid. At the end of the year, you will be surprised by how much healthier your savings account looks.

Get a Credit Card with Travel Rewards.
Credit Card

Credit Cards do not have the best reputation. However, if you are good at managing a monthly budget, you shouldn’t have any issues. Choose a Credit Card that gives you points for every purchase, and don’t forget to take advantage of promotions.

For example, if an airline Credit Card is giving 40K Points after you spend $2,000 within the first three months, buy or pay the bills with your credit card instead of cash. Then, pay its full balance every month so you can get 2 or 3 round-trip domestic tickets for free with your signing bonus. After that, the only problem you will have is deciding where to go.

Personally, I had a great experience with the Southwest Rapid Rewards VISA from Chase. Apply through my referral link here!

Become knowledgeable about the high/low seasons of your dream destination.
Fall Leaf

There are standard High Travel Seasons (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.). There are also high/low seasons that only pertain to where you are going. If there are big festivals or events during a particular time of the year, try to avoid those dates.

The difference in price for flights and accommodations between the high and low season can easily be doubled or triple. Travel flexibility is definitely one of the parts of life that can get better with age, and you can read more about that here.

Travel with someone else or in a group.
Europe with friends

There is nothing wrong with traveling alone. However, going with someone else might help offset some of the costs. You can share the meals, and also the price of a hotel or room.

If you are with a group, there might be group rates for activities and attractions too. Additionally, cruises and travel packages are typically calculated based on double occupancy (meaning a minimum of two people per hotel room or cabin).

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

We always want to have the latest technology, and sometimes not having it can make us feel like an outcast. But before you act based on impulse, think twice. What will bring you more satisfaction in the long run? A new phone, or exploring new cultures and seeing in person monuments or landscapes you have only seen in movies and have dreamed about for years? We don’t know what your answer is, but we do know which one is ours.

Be frugal.

Before you stop reading, frugal is not the same as stingy. Being frugal does not mean you can’t buy the clothes or shoes you or someone in your family might need. Instead, being frugal means that you will compromise a brand name shirt for one that’s not.

Do the same thing with shoes, makeup, and even food. If you don’t, Michael Jordan and Kylie will keep traveling with your money, and the only thing you can do is take selfies with their shoes and lipstick in your house.

In all seriousness, something that has worked for me is getting 3 to 5 high-quality pieces every three months, instead of going to the mall to buy clothes and shoes every time I have a trip, or there is a special occasion.

Choosing timeless pieces that don’t get damaged after their first wash will help you save money in the long run. I am currently using Stich Fix, and as long as you communicate with your stylist regarding what you like and don’t like you are almost guaranteed to receive something that’ll look good on you. The good thing is that if you don’t want something you can return it free of charge. Get $25 Off your first Stich Fix Order by clicking here. 

I’m also using Rent the Runway, where you can rent an ‘x’ amount of pieces per month. There’s a great selection, and you can get a discount (it tends to vary by month) with my ambassador code:  RTRFAM17F6DCB.
Be on the lookout for flash deals and subscribe to a cheap flights newsletter alert. 
Hotel Resort

Not everyone can drop everything, pack, and leave to take a vacation. But if you don’t need to ask weeks in advance for some days off, flash deals will help you save tons of money.

When airlines and hotels realize a flight will not be booked completely, or the hotel is booked below capacity they will lower their prices and advertise what we see on numerous websites as “Flash Deals.”

Monitor Google Flights (you can even set up an alert!), and websites such as Booking.com and Cancelon.com (where people re-sell hotel rooms).

Another option is to subscribe to a cheap flight newsletter, such as Scott’s Cheap Flights. Thanks to ‘Scott’ I bought tickets to Zurich (direct flight from Miami) at $510.00, tickets to Dublin (direct flight to Orlando with checked baggage, seats, and meals added) for $595.00, and to Belgium for $440.00.

Scott’s Cheap Flights has a free newsletter, but if traveling internationally is in your plans and you live close to a major airport, an annual subscription is completely worth it.
Consider stopovers.

The definition of ‘stopovers’ is literally ‘a break in the journey.’ We all can agree that layovers are typically not fun. But what if we can extend the layover free of charge, and have the chance to visit another country for up to 7 nights! That is what some airlines and countries are doing to increase tourism.

For example, if you are planning to go to Europe, you can have a stopover in Iceland and stay there an extra night, or even an extra week. Sweet, isn’t it?

Talk to your friends or someone that travels often. 

Have you ever wondered how some of your friends are traveling all the time? Then stop wondering. They might know something you don’t, and they are probably more than willing to share. If they have gone somewhere you want to, do not hesitate and ask them how they did it. There’s nothing for you to lose, and lots to gain.

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10 Realistic Tips To Save Money For Travel - Stop dreaming and start saving money to travel. From choosing the right travel rewards card, to pre-planning your groceries and getting cashback on them. #money #travel #savingmoney

10 Realistic Tips To Save Money To Travel - Stop dreaming and start saving money to travel. From choosing the right travel rewards card, to pre-planning your groceries and getting cashback on them. #money #travel #savingmoney
How many times we have heard someone saying “I wish I would win the lotto to travel”? Here is a list to stop dreaming and start saving money to travel.
How many times we have heard someone saying “I wish I would win the lotto to travel”? Here is a list to stop dreaming and start saving money to travel.