Planning the Perfect Travel-Themed Halloween Party

The days before and after Halloween are one of the best times of the year to go on vacation. Prices are low, and temperatures are comfortable. Nonetheless, if you decide to stay home, why not plan a travel-themed Halloween party? Keep reading and start planning.

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Choose a color palette. 

Colormind Website Screenshot with Halloween PaletteColormind Desktop Screenshot – After generating a color palette, I locked two colors that I liked for my travel-themed Halloween party, and kept ‘generating’ a palette until I was satisfied with the results.

If you can’t come up with colors you’ll like to use in your travel-themed Halloween party, use a color scheme generator. My favorite is Colormind because it not only generates random color palettes, but you can also lock colors and upload images. Colormind will take this image and extract the colors that complement each other best to generate a color palette.

Set a theme.

After setting down on the color palette, it is now time to set a theme. Yes, it’s a travel-themed Halloween party. But don’t be too general. Some ideas to help narrow it down are:

Fairytales from Around the World

Earth’s Monsters and Mythical Creatures

Halloween in the South

Create travel-themed Halloween invitations. 

Cricut Maker in Champagne

With a Cricut Maker, the only limitations are in your imagination, and the time you have available. After choosing a color palette, get some cardstock, and start printing, cutting and folding. With your Cricut, if time allows, you can easily create most of the party decorations too.

Plan a menu.

World Wide Snack Mix Package by WorldwideTreats

Decide if you will be taking care of all the food, or if it will be a potluck party. My suggestion is that if you have guests from different parts of the world, a potluck is in order. If not, maybe it’s better if the host takes care of the food and guests bring drinks or side dishes if they like.

If you prefer to stick with your country’s traditional food, consider buying a World Wide Snack Mix Package.  That way, you’ll still expose your guests to international flavors.

Buy Halloween decorations. 

Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle Scarf

If crafting is not your passion, it’s going to be easier to buy the decorations instead of making them yourself. Start with your yard and this set of 3 Yard Signs Stakes. To make a bolder statement this 72-inch Cocoon Corpse Decoration is sure to frighten, I mean, welcome your guests.

For inside the house this set of Halloween Decorative Throw Pillow Cases will help spruce your living room without too much effort. There are also garlands, table runners, and lights. Finally, so you are not asked every 5 minutes where the bathroom is, this Skeleton Restroom Door Cover is ready to help.

Take pictures.

Halloween Party Photo Booth Props Kit

Let your guests share how great your party was and have some fun with this Halloween Party Photo Booth Props Kit. Find a location with perfect lighting, DIY a backdrop, or go all out with a Backdrop Support System Kit and a Halloween Backdrop.

Play games.


Few things say travel-themed Halloween party more than a board game with a premise about deadly diseases threatening the world. Get Pandemic Here.

For less scary options, check out Explore the World and GeoBingo World and GeoBingo USA. Explore the World is fun and educational, and will test your guest’s knowledge of the natural and humanmade world. GeoBingo, well, it’s Bingo.

Another interactive option is to let your guests brag about where they have traveled with this Scratch Off World Map Poster. You could even give out a special prize to the person that has traveled the most, and one to the person that has traveled less.

Give out favors. 

Witches Broom Pens

Now is the perfect time to wrap up your travel-themed Halloween Party by thanking your guests from coming to the party. Take a look at these Witches Broom Pens, which your guests can use to write down their ‘scary’ world adventures. These Globe Squeeze Stress Balls are also guaranteed to be a massive hit for when the witches and monsters wake up the next day.

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If you decide to stay home for Halloween, why not plan a travel-themed Halloween party? Keep reading to find out all you need for an unforgettable party. #halloween #fall #partyplanning #party