Villa Cofresí Hotel – Feeling like a Tourist at Home

Our visit to the Villa Cofresi Hotel, also known as Hotel Villa Cofresi in Rincon (Puerto Rico) was different than our previous visits. Going back to my home country for only a weekend it’s always hectic. Trying to see all the family and friends we can, while sacrificing not seeing others it’s never an easy task. Furthermore, for the last few years, we have only been traveling to Puerto Rico for weddings (and there are only a few things more hectic than a wedding). This time, we decided we were going to the island to enjoy ourselves, just like tourists do.

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Rincon Pirate Ship
 Yes, that is a Pirate Ship.

We arrived in San Juan on a Saturday, with a schedule in our minds that was altered because of a terrible car rental experience, traffic, and the mandatory stop for ‘frituras’ (fritters). After our hunger had been satisfied, we started the “two” hour drive to Rincón. However, on a weekend afternoon, this is only an approximation, and you should never bet your life or a major event on it.

West Coast Sunset Puerto Rico
 Tip: If you are driving towards the west in the afternoon remember your sunglasses.

Finally, we arrived at Villa Cofresí Hotel in Rincón, a little bummed out because we have missed the sunset. Sunsets are an event (and I can’t blame them) in Rincón. So much, that it’s known as “The Town of the Beautiful Sunsets.” However, the night in the Hotel looked like it was just starting. When we got to the hotel, the bar, restaurant, and lounge were packed. Tired and all, after getting our luggage in our room we were going back to enjoy live music, eat some snacks and drink something.

Cofresi Pirate
 Cofresí Pirate: The Hotel is named after Puerto Rican Pirate Roberto Cofresí, better known as the Cofresí Pirate. Legend says he was the “Robin Hood’ of Pirates.

Room at Villa Cofresi Rincon Puerto Rico
Room at Hotel Villa Cofresí

The night we arrived we knew we were in the right place, because aside from the food and drinks being delicious, the bartenders, even with the place incredibly full, were always attentive and delivered a fast and impeccable service. After a Pirate Special and a Chicken Kebab (ok, I can’t call it Chicken Kebab it’s a ‘Pincho de Pollo’) we were ready to go to sleep, and with the sound of the ocean waves filling the room I dozed off with no problem.

View at Hotel Villa Cofresi
 Morning View from the Room Balcony – #NoFilter

When we woke up, the place felt completely different than it did during the previous night. It was quiet, with the majority of its guests having breakfast or still sleeping. We also went for breakfast and finished our coffee outside the Hotel Restaurant while glancing at the sea and appreciating the beauty that for years we had taken for granted.

Villa Cofresi Hotel Courtyard Rincon Puerto Rico

Ping Pong Table Villa Cofresi Hotel Rincon
There are Pool and Ping Pong Tables to enjoy with Family & Friends

Seeing there was still a lot to do at the Hotel, we decided to stay there all day. Maybe we also didn’t want to deal with traffic. A friend was visiting us, and Villa Cofresí was a perfect place to host his visit. To start the day right, I had another Pirate Special, and my husband had a Mojito. They tasted even better than ones we had during the previous night if that was even possible.

Pirate Special at Villa Cofresi Puerto Rico
 The Famous Pirate Special

While we waited for our friend, we headed out for the beach behind the Hotel. Beaches in Rincón tend to have bigger than average waves, at least compared to other beaches in Puerto Rico. This has cemented Rincón status of being a surfer town. Nonetheless, if you are careful there should be no problem in going for a swim, but a better idea is to go bodyboarding.

Surfboard Villa Cofresi Rincon Puerto Rico
 Surfboard promoting the Pirate Special

Staring at the Waves Villa Cofresi Rincon Puerto Rico

It was time for lunch already, and I ate a Burrito with ‘Arroz Manposteao’, which is yellow rice with beans (in this case even yellow plantains) & Skirt Steak. It was so good, that by the time I remembered to take a picture it was too late.

Beach before sunset Villa Cofresi Rincon Puerto Rico
Beach just before sunset

Our friend arrived, and we separated our space to enjoy the sunset. It was cloudy, but even with the sky full of clouds, the view was gorgeous. As I was watching the sunset, I started to feel nostalgic. Yes, I am lucky enough to live near Siesta Key (Florida), which is also home to beautiful sunsets. However, this one felt more personal. It was “my” sunset. The sunset I had probably seen countless times but had never taken a step back to experience. A sunset that made me wish for a moment to feel not like a tourist, but just as another local at home. Sometimes, more often than not, dreams do not come true, but that night mine did.

Sunset Villa Cofresi Rincon Puerto Rico
Cloudy Sunset. Still Beautiful.

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Hotel Review of Villa Cofresi in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Food, drinks, and beautiful sunsets are a few of the things you will encounter.